ARTHOUSE.NYC once again celebrates the harvest season with another juried group exhibition - The 4th Annual Autumnal. Once again we will be coinciding with Tribeca Art + Culture Night on Sept. 26th. Celebrate a cornucopia of color and brilliance with new work guaranteed to tantalize and captivate art lovers and collectors alike.


Pu Wei

Ed Forti

Yael Adas

Ria Curley

Doug Ross

Kathy Clay

Gary Tuttle

Xinhe Jiang

R. M. Traub

Larry Sachs

Philip Lentz

Xingdong Lu

Lisa Hamner

Yunfei Wang

Chema Rivas

Mira Satryan

Sarah Rowles

Chalda Maloff

Miriam Danar

Dawn Stringer

Yuemin Zhang

Molly Scannell

Nadide Goksun

Vicki Windman

Lowell Handler

Andrew Binder

Annette Nelson

Amy D. Graham

Dan McCormack

Richard Resnick

Johnny Nicoloro

Victoria General

Joerg Haarmann

Shrodrick Spikes

Karen H. R. Scott

Michael Di Giglio

Caroline Roswell

Hui -Jiaohe Zhang

Annette Schreiber

Brian Avadka Cole

Yanina De Martino

Michelle Benjamin

Madeleine Schachter

Daniel Jason Decker

Ballpointpen Illustrator

Judith Moore-Shahverdian

Carlos Ernesto Alfonso Valdes

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