Summertime Swing

Our summer started out with a blast with Planned Parenthood's Summer, Sex and Spirits. The epic event helped to raise funds for Planned Parenthood, while the open bar and live acts kept the crowd entertained all night long. Highlights included naughty balloon art from the amazing Mistress B, a fabulous silent auction and raffle, photo booth, all-gendered bathrooms, music by Sabor & the Afro-Latineers, DJ Mursi Layne, Olive T, and the Hudson Horns playing alongside the crowd and keeping the energy level sky high. 

Photo credit: Erica Reade



Designed by Kimberely Espinoza ( - we are pleased as punch that our summer project is finally done. If you are reading this, you found us.Take a look and give us your two cents :)




Join French Photographer Rémi Salva as he documents his travels all around America, in the pursuit of all of her hidden treasure. He is fascinated by the natural landscapes, their immensity and the power of mother nature, but also by the human and his abilities to challenge the nature, making those huge buildings and bridges, always longer, higher, bigger. He has done a series of road trips to get lost on purpose, discovering the most incredible things, the unknown, the forgotten and abandoned side; “it was as I was traveling back in time and visiting the glorious America of the 60's-70's”. During his journeys, he realized that we do not see all the beauty of the world that surrounding us. When we are in our daily routine, our focus is on our work, our problems, so we don’t even pay attention about the world living.

We are partnering with Trusty Sidekick, they creates bold, original productions for young people and their families. The fundraiser ensures all families have access to the exciting new theater, and helps to support TS multi-disciplinary creative process which takes many months of hard work by the ensemble, ensuring the highest quality work.

ARTHOUSE.NYC presents the 2nd Annual Autumnal Group Show. Exhibit your ever changing vision of color and perspective at our fall group show at everyone's favorite spot on Sullivan Street. Fall Foilage has nothing on your art, invite friends and family to witness its beauty as it speaks volumes and enchants the senses.

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