ARTHOUSE.NYC once again celebrates the harvest season with another juried group exhibition - The 4th Annual Autumnal. Once again we will be coinciding with Tribeca Art + Culture Night on Sept. 26th. Celebrate a cornucopia of color and brilliance by submitting your new work to tantalize and captivate art lovers, collectors friends and family. Bring your vision to life at arthouse.nycFor more info: See below for photos from our previous show, Shine.

Varies by type, please read each type and fee as listed below.
-Juried-$60. Submit up to 3 images for the Curatorial Team to select from; at least one image is guaranteed to be shown.

-Dedicated Personal Exhibition Space-Jury curates from images submitted by the participant, but is guaranteed to get the exhibition of images paid for. Varies by size and type:

Shared Screen
1/4 Screen, up to 5 images $75
1/2 Screen, up to 10 images plus 11x17” poster $125

Full Screen,
up to 20 images oriented solely landscape or portrait, $250
includes 11x17 poster and a print, dedicated social media marketing of
your work; VIP reception & Artist Talk Participation

Short video or animation in a dedicated space, $500; also includes
dedicated social media marketing of your work; VIP reception